The Wireless Router Booster and Add-on Antenna Combo for Clear Signals

The Wireless Router Booster and Add-on Antenna Combo for Clear Signals

Signal Booster for Wireless Router

A wireless router booster works on the same principle as an antenna on a television to get better reception. The signals will be transmitted via the booster to create a clear path directly to the wireless router for a more powerful signal to increase the Wi-Fi. An 802.11 antenna collects more radio frequency energy focusing distant waves to a single point of origin.

wireless router booster

There are a variety of different types of routers on the market today. A few differences between wireless routers in the 802.11a/b/g/n spectrum basically is that the “a” has a bandwidth up to 54 Mbps using 5 GHz, the “b” is generated supporting bandwidth up to 11 Mbps and the “g” delivers maximum speed and a powerful signal using 2.4 GHz. The newest is the 802.11n has a better range signal and is more resistant to outside interferences. On the downside, the “n” interferes with other routers nearby with an 802.11 b or g network. However, the 802.11n is a powerful wireless router and has stability.

Much like a radio telescope, a wireless router booster will focus on far-off waves to a single point increasing the signal. The wireless network booster connects to the antenna port and increases the signal to as much as 3 times the strength. Such boosters should not be attached to Wi-Fi models with high powered ports. This may burn out your router due to too much input of power. Wireless transmission is the distance the signal can reach and vastly depends on the access point of origin. The total power transmission is measured in decibels of signal range. Whether the range is angled, narrow, straight depends on the amount of total power output by the transmitted power.

Wireless Router Antenna Booster

To increase your signals use a wireless router signal booster to increase power output. If your wireless booster antenna on your router is removable an easy upgrade to add on a high powered antenna is the answer. It is an easy install to add on and gain the extra power needed to optimize the signal. An add-on antenna and a wireless router booster work well together and maintain stability and frequency. Extend your Wi-Fi range with both an add-on antenna and wireless range booster will deliver the utmost highest signal for a powerful frequency simultaneously.

Strengthen your Wi-Fi signal is quite simple using a 6 foot cord and a 9 inch antenna combination for a reliable and stronger signal. The antenna booster will preserve your older antenna and the outdated router and keep them both running smoother and more efficient. To achieve a strong signal for example, out on the patio or on the other side of the yard, by using a combo add-on antenna and wireless router booster will enable the waves to reach where you desire. These are available in combination packs.

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